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The Ghetto Tarot Retreat

Create The Life You Want to Live!

Become The Person You Want to Be!

Haiti is a beautiful country; it is an unknown paradise with stunning beaches, delicious food, vibrant culture and charming people. The Ghetto Tarot Retreat will take place at one of the TOP 100 most beautiful beaches in the world: Abaka Bay (rated by CNN).

Not only will we enjoy everything that Haiti has to offer and meet the group Atiz Rezistans who participated in the creation of the Ghetto Tarot deck, but we will take this opportunity to dive deep within ourselves using Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.


Learn how to use the Ghetto Tarot cards for self-discovery and meet the Haitian artist group Atis Rezistans who acted as the characters of the deck!


This retreat is going to be a journey of exploration into the self. Discover who you are, what you want from life, how to transform your daily life to match your true self and how to implement the changes. The Ghetto Tarot cards were created to bring you in touch with your deepest truths. We will use the cards as a tool to discover our purpose in life, our suppressed self and the reason behind feeling lost, depressed or unhappy.


Atis Rezistans are turning trash into art; a negative into a positive. Find out how to turn your inner trash into a blessing.


Haiti is a place full of awe, magic and mystery. Together we will explore one most exciting and beautiful parts of the island – Ile-a-Vache-, enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, dance to live music at a Voodoo concert while being inspired and enchanted by the creativity of the Haitians.

Immerse into Haiti and its mysteries

Haiti is a place full of awe, magic and mystery. More than 200 years ago it gained independence as the world’s first black republic and played an important role in abolishing slavery in the world. Their African culture has remained an integral part of their everyday life until today where they continue to keep the traditions of their ancestors alive. Their official religion, Voodoo, is one of the oldest religions of this world. Magic is part of the everyday life of a Haitian citizen and now you have the chance to experience it, not only with your own eyes but with every sense of your being. You will dance to the music of Haiti’s most famous Voodoo band RAM. You will get to know the artists Atis Rezistans, their studios and their way of life in the Haitian Ghetto. Together, they will open your eyes to the strength, the creativity, solidarity and positivity of Haiti and the Haitian Ghetto.

Learn how to use the cards

As the creator of the Ghetto Tarot, Alice will share her intention behind the creation of the cards. She will teach how to use tarot cards as a tool for self-discovery to heal your emotional wounds as well as how to accept and love your own shadow side and live your life to the fullest. Alice will answer all questions you have about the use and the creation of the Ghetto Tarot.

No more charity, but real exchange!

The Haitian citizens are inviting tourists to come visit their country, because they want to create a sustainable economy of tourism to break the circle of dependence from international non-profit organizations. Instead of giving charity, the Haitians will be treated as partners and paid a fair rate for their work. Offering this retreat is a chance for us to participate with Haitians in this endeavor and also a way for others, like you, to support this progressive initiative.

Ghetto Tarot


Who are we?

Alice Smeets is the creator of the Ghetto Tarot. She is also an emotional guide, a Completion Process Practitioner and tarot life coach. But what matters most is that she has created a life that she absolutely loves for herself, has overcome her depression and found her purpose. And she wants to guide you to do the same.

Alice will be joined by her colleague and best friend Kerrie O’Reilly from Ireland. Just like Alice she is also an artist, an emotional guide, and a Completion Process Practitioner. Kerrie is deeply passionate about bringing people to their core desires, truths and potential so they can become the person they have always wanted to be.  Check out her website: Kerrie is a specialist in the topic of self-love. With her nurturing and loving spirit she brings out the authentic self of others with ease.

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