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A journey into your soul in Haiti

10 days to get to know yourself like never before during

the Ghetto Tarot Playshop!

A journey to dive deep into your heart’s desires. Shine light on your unconscious with tarot. Learn how to love your shadow aspects. Have the adventure of your life and experience one of the most mysterious islands of this world.
Are you ready to breathe magic back into your very being?


Learn how to use the Ghetto Tarot cards and meet the Haitian artist group Atis Rezistans who acted as the characters of the deck!


Bring your unconscious to the surface through tarot and observation exercises. Let go of your thought patterns and ultimately shed all layers until you gain awareness of your core beliefs that shape your perception of life. Learn how to set yourself free of them, to reach your full potential.


Atis Rezistans are turning trash into art; a negative into a positive. Find out how to turn your inner trash into a blessing.


Haiti is a place full of awe and mystery. Get to know the most exciting and beautiful parts of the island, find out which spirits guide you by visiting a Voodoo priest and let yourself be inspired by the creativity of the Haitians.

Immerse into Haiti and its mysteries

Haiti is a place full of awe and mystery. More than 200 years ago it gained independence as the world’s first black republic and played an important role in abolishing slavery in the world. Their African culture has remained an integral part of their everyday life until today and they have kept alive the traditions of their ancestors. Their official religion, Voodoo, is at the same time one of the oldest religions of this world. Magic is part of the everyday life of a Haitian citizen and now you have the chance to experience it with your own eyes. You will participate in a real Voodoo ceremony and have a one on one meeting with a Voodoo priest. You will get to know the artists Atis Rezistans, their studios and their way of life in the Haitian Ghetto. Together, they will make you see the strength, the creativity, solidarity and positivity of Haiti and the Haitian Ghetto.

Learn how to use the cards

Alice Smeets will give intensive classes on how to connect to the spirits of the Ghetto Tarot cards and how to read them. She will teach how to use tarot cards as a therapy to heal your emotional wounds as well as how to accept and love your own shadow site and live your life to the fullest. She and the artists will answer all questions you have about the use and the creation of the Ghetto Tarot.

No more charity, but real exchange!

The Haitian citizens are inviting tourists to come visit their country, because they want to create a sustainable economy of tourism to break the circle of dependence from international non-profit organizations. Instead of giving charity, the Haitians will be treated as partners and paid a fair rate for their work.

Ghetto Tarot

Alice Smeets

Alice Smeets

Alice Smeets has designed a 7 day fun, revolutionary playshop, taking you on an emotional and mental journey. Combining tarot, Haiti’s magic, shadow work, meditation, communicating transparently, sharing circles and dance to deeply connect to yourself.

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