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For this one of a kind retreat we have chosen Haiti’s most beautiful spot, Abaka Bay on the island “Ile a Vache”. For many years Alice has traveled around Haiti and this little tiny island in the South of Haiti became her absolute favorite spot. CNN rated Abaka Bay to be one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world (place 57). The hotel that is located at this stunning beach is one of the most authentic hotels in all of Haiti as well as being the most comfortable. Here, you will step out of your bed straight onto the white sand beach in the morning. It is heaven.

We will spend our first 6 days of paradise on Ile-a-Vache, one of Haitis most untouched jewels. The last day we will spend in Port-au-Prince, meeting the artists of Atiz Rezistans. That evening we will bid farewall to Haiti by attending a Voodoo concert of the famous band RAM in Hotel Oloffson, one of the most historical buildings in the city.


This retreat combines a workshop of self-realization set in paradise with an abundance of time to enjoy the beach, unwind, experience the Haitian culture and most importantly discover how to create the life that you want to live!

On this journey of exploration into the self we will use tarot cards as a tool to explore the unknown parts of ourselves, you will learn what you truly want from life, how to transform your daily life to match your true desires and how to implement and bring about these changes.

The Ghetto Tarot cards were created to bring you in touch with your deepest truths. We will use the cards as a tool to discover our life purpose, our suppressed self, our reason behind feeling lost, depressed or unhappy. We will use the cards to shine light on our deepest shadows and lead you through emotional processes to bring you into “the flow” again, back into your place of alignment. While this sounds like serious and important work (which it is), we will make the whole process fun and promise you will come out of this week feeling fantastic.

Sometimes discovering our truth can be painful at first, because we realize that the life we have built is so far away from our actual desires. We will hold you in your pain, shining light on your reasons and needs for creating what has been unwanted. Helping you find peace with all of your shadows and guiding you to take small steps at a time to discover and implement the changes you need.

We will explore important life themes such as connection, emotions, core believes and how to change them, boundaries, relationships, play and fun, self-love, receiving, how to connect to your inner child and more. We will lead you through individual and group exercices to dive deep down into your core to help you remember who you have been all along. We will introduce you to processes that you can take home with you and use alone to allow yourself to continue and flourish on your path of personal growth.

We believe there must always be time for fun and love to encourage this at our retreats, we will go on excursions on Ile-a-Vache to discover the Haitian Culture. On our last day we will visit the artists of the Ghetto Tarot in their Ghetto Art Gallery in Port-au-Prince. And on our last evening we will dance to the rythms of Haitian music at a concert of the Voodoo band RAM in one of the most historical buildings of Port-au-Prince.

It’s all about discovery, renewal, comfort, finding our bliss and experiencing life to the fullest.




From the 04.01.2019 until the 11.01.2019.


“When we read tarot for our deepest expansion, our deck organically becomes a sacred tool for healing, awakening, and transformation. When we use tarot for the present moment, there are no predictions. There is no scary news, no right or wrong, no good or bad, only medicine. Why? Because everything in this life is an invitation. When we say yes to the invitations that are best for us, we can live in alignment with our intuition, with our truth.” -Lindey Mack

One of our main goals with the Ghetto Tarot Retreat, is to bring you the ability of tarot as a tool for developing self-awareness and understanding. If used correctly, the tarot can be a powerful way of self-healing and self-care.

We will also teach you other tools and processes that you can use in your daily life to build an honest and intimate relationship with yourself, your inner child and others.

We want to guide you towards your authentic self. We want to see you happy. Not only during the 7 days of the retreat but longterm in your day to day life. We provide you with tools to go home with which we believe is key to your everlasting and continual progession.

We will show you the most beautiful parts of Haiti and you will experience the beauty of the Haitian culture.

But most of all: we will have a lot of fun together!!!

This is what our retreat is for.



Alice Smeets is the photographer and creator of the Ghetto Tarot. She is also an emotional guide, a Completion Process practioner and tarot life coach. But what matters most is that she has created a life that she absolutely loves for herself, has overcome her depression and found her purpose. She wants to guide you to do the same.

Kerrie O’Reilly is also an artist, an emotional guide, and a Completion Process Practitioner. Kerrie is deeply passionate about bringing people to their core desires, truths and potential so they can become the person they have always wanted to be. Check out her website: Kerrie is a specialist in the topic of self-love. With her nurturing and loving spirit she brings out the authentic self of others with ease.


Special Offers, What’s Included & Deposit



Prices per person for 6 nights on Ile-a-Vache + 1 night in Port-au-Prince

Ocean View/Rustik Beachfront
Double Room            Single Room
3.000USD                 3.250 USD

Deluxe Beach Front
Double Room            Single Room
3.200 USD                  3.600 USD

Price for luxury suites by request



+ Airport Transfer to Ile-a-Vache
+7 days of lectures, tarot and shadow work exercises and play given by Alice Smeets and Kerrie O’Reilly.
+ 6 nights of accommodation on Ile-a-Vache
+ 6 days of food, juice with breakfast and water on Ile-a-Vache
+ A guided tour of Ile-a-Vache
+ A guided tour to lovers island
+ Transfer to Port-au-Prince
+ 1 night accommodation in Port-au-Prince
+ A Voodoo concert
+a transformational experience
+ and so much more!


Super Early Bird (book before the 15th of May)= 30% Discount

Early Bird (book before the 1st of September)= 20% Discount

Come with a friend/your partner = 10% Discount (not possible to combine with other discount)

Yes, we offer payment plans. Contact us for more information.


Flight costs.
Other drinks
Food and drinks on the last day in Port-au-Prince
Airport transfer from Port-au-Prince back to the airport.

Minimum participants: 10
Maximum participants: 16

To secure your place in the Retreat, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required.


Ready to Join us on This Once in a lifetime Adventure?

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Ready to Join us on This Once in a lifetime Adventure?

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Alice Smeets is a photographer, artist, tarot reader and emotional guide. She practices the art of living by following her bliss and trying out everything that comes along her way. She provides guidance for others to find their purpose in life and heal their wounds from the past.

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