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Part 1 (5 days) : We will start in urban Port-au-Prince and sleep in a local hotel in the city during three nights. Then, we will drive up the mountains to a village named Furcy. From there, we will do a stunning two day meditation walk down to beach-town Jacmel with a stop to sleep in Seguin. This is going to be one of the most amazing walks of your life!

Part 2 (5 days): We will spend our time in magical and artistic town Jacmel in a wooden guesthouse close to the beach. To have a look at the house, click here.


Part 1:

Nov. 1rst: We will meet during the afternoon to do an opening circle as well and a heart opening ritual.

Nov. 2nd: The first two days are about experiencing the chaos and magic of Port-au-Prince. On the first day we will participate in the “Fete Ghede”, the feast of the Ancestors in the tradition of Voodoo – a wonderful time of turning inward to reflect and think about the path we are on. The colorful parties held around the country with loud people in top hats and one eyed sunglasses, dancing and laughing.

November 3rd: We will visit extraordinary communities that have shown creativity, willpower and innovation to change their destiny. Among them are Atis Rezistans, the artists who staged as characters of the Ghetto Tarot and turn trash into art.

November 4rth and 5th: In the early morning hours, we will drive up the mountains to a village named Furcy. From there, we will go on a long, two day meditation walk down to beach town Jacmel. This magical walk will show you the “real Haiti”, that very few people get to know. Rural and almost untouched, the walk demonstrates why Haiti used to be called “the Pearl of the Antilles”.

Part 2:

November 6th til 11th: The next phase of the playshop will be happening in a beautiful wooden house near the beach in Jacmel. We will have daily meditation and yoga classes, writing and movement exercises. We will use the Tarot cards to connect to our deepest emotions and shine light onto our shadow side. We will find our core beliefs and learn how to change them. We will share deep moments of intimacy with the group and breathe magic back into our very being.

At the same time, we will experience the magic of Haiti by visiting the beautiful sights of Jacmel (Carribean beaches, waterfalls, old colonial town), participate in a Voodoo ceremony as well as a cacao ceremony and spend time at the beach.

It’s all about indulgence, finding our bliss and experiencing life to the fullest.




From the 01.11.2016 until the 11.11.2016.


To get to know our true self, shed all the unnecessary filters to be able to shine again, heal old traumas, dive deep into our soul with tarot cards and have the adventure of our lives in Haiti.


About Alice Smeets:

“My name is Alice. I am an artist, tarot reader, life coach, traveler, dancer and a born revolutionary. I am free spirit who follows her heart to make her dreams and ideas come to life.

By taking this approach to life, I want to open people’s eyes to what happens in our inner and outer worlds. To expose the inherent beauty therein contained in order to spread inspiration.

Most of all, I identify myself as a wounded healer. Carl Jung’s archetype of “The Wounded Healer” originated with the Greek myth of Chiron who was physically wounded, and by way of overcoming the pain of his own wounds Chiron became the compassionate teacher of healing.

My wounds were not physical but emotional, which led me to long and intense periods of depression in my past. Today, I am grateful for these phases as they have led me towards a journey of authenticity. In the Ghetto Tarot Workshop, I will share what has helped me the most to heal and guide you to find healing for your own wounds.

I am convinced that everyone is capable of living the life they have dreamed about, including you! The only thing holding you back is your mind.

Join me in Haiti – a country that I love and know very well since 8 years – to do shadow work together to heal our inner traumas and change your core beliefs.”

Energy exchange

Playshop all inclusive (shared bedroom): 1.850 USD (1.750USD/person for couples).
Playshop all inclusive (private room and bungalow): +500 USD (can be shared by two people).
Playshop Part 2 only (shared bedroom): 1.100 USD (1.000 USD/person for couples)
Playshop Part 2 only (private bungalow): +350 USD (can be shared by two people).
Early Birds receive 10% off; book until the 1rst of May.
For supporters of the Ghetto Tarot campaign, there is an extra discount of 5%.


You get:

10 days of lectures, classes and play given by Alice Smeets
about tarot, our shadow side and how to follow our bliss (+- 3-7h/day).
+ A guided tour through magical Haiti (urban, mountains, beach, waterfall, historical town).
+ Accommodation in shared or private rooms and delicious vegetarian Food.
+ A personal tarot shadow side reading with Alice.
+ Participation in a Voodoo ceremony.
+ Participation in a sacred Cacao ceremony led by Alice.
+ Daily Meditation, daily Yogaclasses, Rituals, Dance, Heart Opening Ceremonies.
+ and so much more.


Not included are:

Flight costs.

Airport transfer.

Minimum participants: 6
Maximum participants: 16



This is going to be an adventurous trip. We will drive on moto-taxis and will go on hiking tours, sleep in rooms with fans without AC (but in November nights are chilly) and have cold showers (remember we are in the Caribbean, so the weather is hot). It is Haitian style and will make us feel alive. If you prefer a private room with AC and hot showers, we can reserve a room for you in nearby hotels for an extra charge of 80USD per night.


If you feel that you are not fit to do the mediation walk with us (6h walking/day), you may join us only for the second part of the playshop or you’ll spend the two days in the mountains with one of our Haitian guides and we’ll drive you to Jacmel.

To secure your place in the playshop, we require you to make a prepayment of 900USD via Paypal.




Do you love the idea of partecipate in this Adventure?


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Alice Smeets is a photographer, artist, tarot reader and healing guide. She practices the art of living by following her bliss and trying out everything that comes along her way. She provides guidance for others to find their purpose in life and heal their wounds from the past.

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